Does your website generate leads?

How to create a lead-generation hero

Wouldn't it be great if you could sell to 100% of the people who visit your website? Obviously, that's a lofty goal but do you know how many visitors you are converting into customers? Sure, it's important to drive people to your website but once they're there, do ...


SEO Copywriting

Writing effective content for your website

It should come as no surprise that people approach websites differently than when sitting down to read a novel. People expect to skim web content and avoid reading lengthy paragraphs. This is great to keep in mind when writing content for your website, but even mor...


How Search Ads Find Customers

Making Google Adwords Work for Your Business

Anyone that has used Google to search for a new pair of running shoes, concert tickets or new motorcycle tires has seen Google AdWords. These are the simple, text ads that appear on the right side or top of the search page. AdWords is Google's online advertising pr...


    Video: Seeing Is Believing

    Using video demos for quick and easy explanations.

    Seeing a thing in action can make all the difference. I have a toy horse. It is a small figure that looks solid, but its limbs are actually held together by strings. I can make the horse dance around. It kneels, sways from side to side, rares back its head, or ta...


    Hoard On!

    Collecting inspiration: part of the creative process

    I am a Hoarder. There, I said it. I AM A HOARDER! Why? Inspiration: As a graphic designer, I like to save anything and everything that I can draw inspiration from. I may not have any certain project in mind when I make my acquisition. I am just banking it for th...


    Boosting your Business with Facebook

    Find out if Facebook is a good match

    Let’s face it; Facebook is in your face. It seems everyone has a personal page, with a significant number of businesses following suit. If you’ve yet to set up a page for your business, or if you’re pondering its effectiveness, it’s a good idea to consider whether ...


    Beyond Brochurewear

    Putting your website to work

    Though brochurewear sites of yesteryear are sometimes used as stepping-stones to a robust interactive website, they are rarely the main goal for a business these days. Why build a static site when you can serve a greater purpose, AND when customers expect so much m...


    Abolish your comfort zone to reach new heights

    Breaks are crucial for career, business, and personal success

    I just returned from a sweet, fall color-ogling getaway to the Black Hills with my better half. We camped and hiked and ate and laughed, climbing rocks and snapping focus-challenged pics along the way. We wore goofy convertible hiking pants, with legs that zip-off ...


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