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Matt Hodtwalker

Print Design & Technologies

Don't let the quiet demeanor fool you, Matt is a deep thinker with a wit that can catch you off-guard and leave you gasping for air. His type-B personality will put you at ease, while his computer skills will dazzle your mind.

Matt is our resident redhead, as well as a BBQ wizard, pound puppy rescuer and devoted family man. He had boyhood visions of stardom in pro football or basketball, but since he never topped 6 feet or came close to 200 pounds, he turned to a gentler career in graphic design. We couldn’t be happier.

Matt holds an associate’s degree in graphic design, illustration and computer graphics from the Creative Center in Omaha. Before coming to IdeaBank Marketing, Matt worked his magic in advertising development at an area city newspaper. Print media is his specialty, and brochures, catalogs, ads, display items and anything requiring a steady supply of ink shines under his skilled hand.

He lives in Grand Island with his wife, A.J., his son, Flynn, and a golden doodle named Harry. He harbors a secret desire to spin records at a discothèque under the stage name “DJ Tanner.” Please don't ask.


Adaptability | Responsibility | Competition | Empathy | Relator

With strength in Adaptability, Matt is a flexible person who can stay productive when the demands of working on a variety of projects are pulling him in many different directions. True to his Responsibility strength, he takes ownership for anything he’s involved in, and with strength in Competition, he gives it 100% so it can be the best. He tends to know how others feel about things, which shows his Empathy, and as a Relator, he values having a few close friendships over having many acquaintances.

  • Design & Production
  • Typography
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • EasyCatalog
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop