Lexington Schools Mobile Site

Lexington Public Schools | Lexington, NE

With an increase in mobile browsers usage, Lexington Public Schools decided to give more to their audience.

IdeaBank's challenge was to retrofit a mobile design on a large website without sacrificing information.  We needed it to work across a variety of devices, while still maintaining intuitive usability. A combination of mobile development and responsive design was necessary to complete this project.

IdeaBank created a design that maintained elements of the current site, while delivering an easy to use mobile experience. After much research and wireframing, our design team developed a layout that fit these needs.  

It was then necessary to find a way to implement the design without having any downtime on the current site. IdeaBank's development team had to test the site on a separate server, while Lexington Schools continued adding new content to their live site. After making notes of problem items, it was necessary to apply the fixes on the live site before implementing the design changes.

Strenuous testing and intiuitive design lead Lexington Public Schools to victory with a mobile friendly site to kick off the start of the new school year.  

Everyone loves the mobile site. We love that it has all the content the regular site has and hasn't been "watered down". Thanks for everything you and your staff have done for us.
Kerri Dangler, Curriculum Administrative Assistant
What did we do?
  • Mobile Integration
  • Interface Design
  • Developement