Dan Peters

Account Manager

Dan pairs a laid-back demeanor with a passion for service and an emphasis on relationship building. He’s always ready to partner with clients in moving their businesses forward.

What do Tom Brokaw, Dan Rather, Conan O'Brien, J-Lo's sister, Jimmy Buffett and Bosco Bronco have in common? They've all played some role in Dan Peters' life. Needless to say, the guy gets around.

He gets around a lot as account manager, making clients aware of what IdeaBank can do for them now and into the future. His career has always included going places and seeing faces. The Hastings College grad with a degree in media production shared a desk with Linda Lopez, a hallway with Conan O'Brien and an elevator with Tom Brokaw at NBC and could be seen in the newsroom behind Dan Rather during the "CBS Evening News."

Closer to home, he worked more than a decade at his alma mater, most recently as vice president for student life, riding herd on 1,100 students — no doubt with the aid of his trusty Bronco. Along the way, he earned a master's degree in management from Doane College.

Dan obviously wasn't wastin' away in Margaritaville, but he has seen Jimmy Buffett in concert more than 20 times. Dan calls Buffett — with his music, merchandise, restaurants and hotels — the best marketer he knows. In fact, Dan's philosophy comprises being passionate about what you do, finding fulfillment in service and accepting that life's usually better with a Buffett song playing.

  • Client Services
  • Relationship Building
  • Organization
  • Visioning
  • Results tracking and interpretation
  • Trend Monitoring