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Garrett Griess

Lead Web Developer

A shelf full of awards attests to Garrett’s skills in website design and development, but his creativity is too expansive to confine to a single discipline.

Garrett Griess stands at the crossroads — of creativity and technology, of small-town Nebraska and the wide-open world. As lead developer at IdeaBank, Garrett spearheads website construction — from designing new sites to troubleshooting existing ones. And while his job description includes techy words like “programming” and “coding,” web work is a natural byproduct of his creative side.

Garrett loves anything that combines creativity and technology — whether it’s music and photography or PS4 games and 3D animation. On his day off, you might find him painting or creating random web apps … for fun. The son of an electrician, Garrett always enjoyed tinkering and technology. Programming was the way to control that technology.

A lifelong Sutton resident, Garrett loves to hop on his motorcycle for short trips, but there are no limits to the modes of transportation he’ll take to explore the far-flung points of the globe. During a trip around the world, he traveled by planes, trains, buses and boats — like a modern-day Phileas Fogg. He even saw the sun rise twice in one day while traveling from China to Chicago. In a subsequent trip, he saw Egyptian pyramids, Pompeii and Grecian temples. Garrett makes every day of life an adventure with his wife, Dona; daughter, Briella; and son, Ryker.

The Central Community College-Hastings graduate recalls being advised in college to “find a niche.” Garrett’s found his at IdeaBank.


Intellection | Input | Learner | Responsibility | Relator

With strength in Intellection, Garrett enjoys the logical nature of programming. Keeping with his Input strength, he begins a project by collecting as much information as possible. As a Learner, he has no problem developing new skills, and seeing a project through to the finish satisfies his sense of Responsibility. As a Relator, he enjoys wrapping up the day by sharing with his wife how thing went and what he accomplished.

  • Web design and development
  • Programming
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Video/audio editing