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Ginger Billesbach

Account Executive

A self-described small-town girl, Ginger enjoys getting to know those around her. She’s not afraid to get off the beaten path to learn something new or help a client succeed.

Ginger Billesbach loves the way that everyone in a small town knows and looks out for each other. She takes the same neighborly approach to her job at IdeaBank. As an account executive, she works with clients and the creative team to strategize and execute marketing plans and meet client needs.

Social and outgoing, Ginger grew up in Tilden, where she participated in cross country, track, one-act play, speech and recreational soccer. Although she went off to Lincoln to earn her associate’s degree in business administration at Hamilton College, she now lives with her husband, Joe, and daughter, Violet, in Juniata, population 750.

Always one to get outdoors, Ginger loves the way they can walk or bike everywhere — and stop and talk to 10 people they know along the way. That gregarious personality serves her well at work, too, allowing her to get along with all kinds of clients and co-workers.

With a motto of “Seek the adventure,” Ginger has a goal of visiting all 63 national parks. She’s already been to Arches, Grand Teton, Badlands, Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain, Great Smoky Mountains and the Grand Canyon, where she hiked from rim to river to rim. She’s not afraid to stop for a historical marker or get off the beaten path, wherever the adventure takes her.


Woo | Communication | Positivity | Includer | Developer

  • Strategy
  • Account management
  • Organization
  • Scheduling
  • Client services
  • Relationship building
  • Event planning