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Sarah Chavez

Account Manager

Sarah’s all-around marketing background makes her the perfect conduit between client’s needs and the creative minds that see them fulfilled.

With a dad who taught astronomy and astrophysics, Sarah was destined to learn every constellation in the night sky. While she still has an interest in things “out of this world,” she focuses her marketing efforts on making IdeaBank’s clients the stars.

Sarah fondly remembers stargazing through a telescope with her dad and first seeing her favorite movie, “Star Wars,” when she was just 5 years old. You’ll still find her binge watching sci-fi shows on Netflix when she gets the chance, but she also enjoys storyboarding and interviewing clients for videos.

Sarah loves meeting new people, engaging with them on an emotional level and hearing them say that special something that she knows will make a great quote. She gets a kick out of seeing a project come together, whether it’s a video, email or brochure. She’s all about strategizing marketing plans and managing projects to get a client’s message out there.

A Grand Island native, Sarah’s family includes her husband, Ray; daughters, Rya, Lily and Josey; dogs, Chewy and Leia; and the latest addition, kitten Vader. With a mind always open to new possibilities, she likes to research paranormal topics like Bigfoot, ghosts and UFOs.


Learner | Input | Connectedness | Individualization | Strategic

Sarah uses her Learner strength to know everything she can about a client’s business. Because of her Input strength, she takes meticulous notes, and she observes everything she can in conversations, even non-verbal cues, calling on her Connectedness and Individualization strengths. With her Strategic strength, odds are she’s already connecting the dots on the best way to help the client.

  • Account Management
  • Client Services
  • Relationship Building
  • Marketing Plan Development