Attract attention to direct mail

The advantages of variable data

Thoughtful use of variable data is an outstanding way to attract attention to your direct mail and keep your message in recipients' hands longer. Variable data is an effective way to personalize your mailing using data merged from your database. Names and addresses are commonly used, but anything you would like to include can be added.

Our 2007 Christmas card, for example, showcased the names of our mailing list recipients five times throughout the piece. Combined with graphics that featured staff at our elfish best, the card's clever text and personalized message kept it visible among the onslaught of holiday mail. The response we received was overwhelmingly positive.

Variable data is incredibly flexible, and personalized direct mail can drive attention to your business or website. Call Idea Bank Marketing today to find out how we can help you add punch to your next direct mail piece through the use of variable data.

Here are a few responses from those who received the card:

"Idea Bank wins the coveted ‘Most Clever While Maintaining Traditional Values' award in the 2007 Christmas card competition! Well done!"
- Mary from Hastings

"What a clever idea! I can't say that I've ever received such a personalized card. I guess that helps make up for the fact that there was no money or gift attached to it!"
- Les from Lincoln

"I always get a kick out of your cards! This is what makes the relationship more than just a customer, but also a friend."
- Laurene from Hastings

"Your card was absolutely, utterly the best Christmas card we received this year!"
- John from Omaha

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