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Boosting your Business with Facebook

Find out if Facebook is a good match

Let’s face it; Facebook is in your face. It seems everyone has a personal page, with a significant number of businesses following suit. If you’ve yet to set up a page for your business, or if you’re pondering its effectiveness, it’s a good idea to consider whether Facebook is a good way to invest your limited time.

Is Facebook a match for your organization?

Start with taking a long look at your business. If you own a restaurant, a Facebook page would be a valuable outlet to post daily menus. If you own a plumbing supply store, it may not be quite as effective.

There are definite advantages to having a Facebook page for your business, like having unlimited friends, being able to advertise your page on traditional advertising endeavors, and accessing data to gauge effectiveness. But there are downsides, too.

Since Facebook pages update constantly, few of your friends may actually see your posts before they drop down and disappear into obscurity. That means infrequent posts vastly miss their mark. But posting with wild abandon can backfire, too, since content must be relevant to your audience. Every word must be interesting and valuable, or your friends will discover the power of the unlike button.

If your business attracts a passionate group of friends, you might consider starting a Facebook group instead. A Facebook group can be a valuable avenue for people with similar/specific interests to trade information and insights. This keeps you visible, and allows you to communicate your expertise with current and prospective customers.

What does it take to make Facebook work well?

The key to marketing via Facebook is to keep your friends engaged long enough to visit your website and become bona fide customers. This takes time and effort, and it is imperative to understand what makes your audience tick. If you already have a page, check it frequently. One disgruntled customer or troll-like post can damage your reputation, especially if you don’t respond to it quickly. Be sure you answer critics right away, with a plan about how to address the issues they raise. All your page’s friends could be watching, and your response could affect their view of your business.

If you need help with the ups and downs of Facebook, contact IdeaBank Marketing. We can help your business put its best face forward.

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