Hoard On!

Collecting inspiration: part of the creative process

I am a Hoarder. There, I said it. I AM A HOARDER! Why?


As a graphic designer, I like to save anything and everything that I can draw inspiration from. I may not have any certain project in mind when I make my acquisition. I am just banking it for the future when I might need it.

I am always on the look out for new and inspiring pieces to add to my collection. One day it could be a book about cars, a certain color, a vintage poster, a textured piece of paper or even type on a sign that I have to take a picture of. I can’t get enough and that is ok. It’s for your benefit.

I need to be inspired and it is good to have a quagmire to draw ideas from. Man I love the word quagmire. Hahaha.

I am always taking in my surroundings and I will be the first to admit that I will remember the color of your tie, dress or car before I remember your name. I am not proud of that and promise to work on it but don’t wear such an awesome tie or dress if you want me to remember your name. I digress.

I hoard colors, shapes and sounds. These things, I may hoard in my mind but they still take up space in hopes of a future use.


The vintage poster I picked up at the antique store might influence the colors I use on a brochure or how I handle the look and feel.

The hand lettering on a sign I saw could influence how I handle the type on a logo or a poster.

Hoarding is part of my creative process whether it be physical or mental. The hoarding of these objects, shapes, sounds and colors will at some point be the solution to one of my design dilemmas. I just don’t know when, and I want to be prepared - like a boy scout.

So I say, Hoard On!

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