Mobility is Key

Google® gives preference to mobile-friendly sites

Let’s face it, people use their mobile devices to do everything— whether it’s at home or at work, shopping or researching. As this trend increased (but search results continued to show sites that are not readable on smartphones), cries of anguish could be heard throughout the worldwide web. 

Google listened to these distress calls and took action. In April, Google updated their search giving preference to mobile-friendly sites.

Get high-quality, relevant results

When using Google search on your mobile device, results now show mobile-friendly sites first. When you click on a listing, you will first see sites where…

  • Text is readable without tapping or zooming.
  • Items are easy to tap.
  • Pages size automatically to fit the width of any device.
  • Pages avoid unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.

Boost your rankings: Get mobile-friendly

With mobile search growing at 10 times the rate of desktop, businesses that don’t have a mobile ready site stand to lose up to one-third of their traffic. If you want your site to appear high in search engine rankings, your site will need to be mobile-friendly.

Find out if your site is mobile friendly using this Mobile-Friendly Test Tool from Google. If your site comes up short, IdeaBank is here to help. Just contact us for an estimate.



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