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5 Ways to Stay Connected amid Coronavirus

Strategies for keeping in touch with your audiences and keeping your marketing moving.

1) Send Critical Communication

The first step during any crisis is to let your key audiences know how you’re handling the situation. Address key questions quickly and with clarity:

  • Will you remain open or alter your hours?
  • How can people contact you?
  • What steps are being taken to ensure employee and customer safety?
  • How is the production and delivery of your product or service changing?

Social posts, emails, press releases, and even direct phone calls (to key customers) are efficient methods to spread the word about your new operating procedures. Once those items are addressed, it’s time to take a look at the rest of your communications plan and make adjustments to fit this new structure.

2) Double-Down on Digital

With people staying at home, the path to consistent communication is across digital channels. As a marketer, you’re comfortable communicating digitally; social media, email, and live video are part of your regular marketing routine.

But what about the rest of your business or organization?

Work with your leadership to shift other parts of your operation online. Help your sales team book appointments online and schedule video conferences. Set up an online store so you can accept digital orders. Add features to your website that replicate your customers’ normal experience.

3) Inform & Entertain

Home-bound folks are going to get bored. If you’ve spent more than a few minutes scrolling your feed, you already know that! Consider dialing back the sales messages and cranking up the entertainment and informational value of your messaging:

  • Utilize Facebook/Instagram “LIVE” to give people an inside look.
  • Share employee profiles, so they can get to know your staff.
  • Create a light-hearted video showing how your staff is handling remote work/social distancing.

Spread a little cheer or show people something they’ve never seen from you before! Creating memorable messages will keep your brand relevant in the minds of your audience.

4) Shift, Don’t Pause

There’s a temptation to just “shut off” all your marketing at a time like this. And certainly, if you can’t open your doors or sell products/services, that may be a prudent move. But if you’re still operating in any capacity, it’s important to keep your messages in front of people.

Marketing efforts should continue, with any necessary adjustments in regards to your operations. Focus on what you can offer your customer — digital delivery, online consultations, or getting started on future projects. At some point, things will go back to normal, and you want to be prepared when they do!

5) Revisit That Shelved Project!

Dealing with extra time? What a perfect opportunity to revisit that long-shelved project. Pull your website redesign off the “back burner,” take a good look at that brand refresh, or bring to life that campaign you’ve never had time to develop!

Whether you’re working remotely or the office is a little quiet, take this time to create something new and exciting ... for your business, customers, and your own sanity!

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