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Good ways to share bad news

Every business owner has received the phone call — or will some day — from an employee: “Boss, we have a problem.” It doesn't matter if it's a threat or a mistake or a false alarm: The stress and pressure are on. Time to start putting out the fire. The big questi...


Meet IdeaBank's new team members

Trio brings diverse talents to IdeaBank.

  Sheryl Ismaiel, Kristin Parr and Sarah Chavez keep us in the black, move projects forward and meet clients’ needs with their wide array of bookkeeping, customer service and marketing skills. New additions to the IdeaBank Team Sheryl Ismaiel Finance and HR Man...


What a difference a day makes!

IdeaThon's Jam-packed 24 Hours Nets $36,875 Worth of Resources for Multicultural Coalition Representatives of the Multicultural Coalition of Grand Island met with IdeaBank at 11 a.m. July 22. Less than 24 hours later, they received $36,875 worth of services and re...


IdeaThon 2021 Recipient: Multicultural Coalition

IdeaBank Marketing has chosen the Multicultural Coalition of Grand Island to receive 24 hours of free marketing services in its first ever IdeaThon....


Staff Spotlight: 3D modeling is a homecoming for Hudson

Thomas Wolfe said you can’t go home again. But, if you’re Darin Hudson, you can bring home to you — at least, a smaller version of it. Through the marvel of 3D printing, Darin has re-created his boyhood home in 0.0235 scale. “Houses aren’t forever,” Darin noted. ...


A brand for a different kind of health care

Katie Peters had been thinking for more than a year about a better way to deliver health care. The kind of clinic she had in mind would be new to many in central Nebraska. Summing it up in a few words would be a challenge. “She had a name in her head,” said Sherma...


Finding good ways to break bad news

From Jack Sheard, IdeaBank Marketing Strategist Every superintendent has received the phone call from a school principal: “Boss, we have a problem.” It doesn’t matter if it’s a threat or a mistake or a false alarm: The stress and pressure are on. Time to start pu...


3 Reasons to Spend More on Marketing in 2021

As Knute Rockne said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” They also get marketing. You might think, during times like these, you should cut back on your marketing budget. You may have already done that this year. In fact, you should be doing just the...


School Annual Reports: Beyond the Numbers

Take school annual reports beyond the numbers with real storytelling

From Jack Sheard, IdeaBank Marketing Strategist Ah, school district annual reports. Those wonderful required collections of data remind taxpayers of not only a district’s academic achievements — but also how much of their money the district is spending. If you’re...


Find treasure at the end of the marketing funnel

Like a treasure map, the marketing funnel represents a journey, the path from prospect to customer, participant or donor. Whether you call it a sales funnel, donor funnel or cultivation funnel, your job is the same: to guide prospects from start to finish....


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