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A brand for a different kind of health care

Vibrance Business Card examples

Katie Peters had been thinking for more than a year about a better way to deliver health care. The kind of clinic she had in mind would be new to many in central Nebraska. Summing it up in a few words would be a challenge.

“She had a name in her head,” said Sherma Jones, IdeaBank partner. It was a Latin word that meant healthy, strong or robust, but to the average person, it sounded like someone’s last name.

“She was on the right track, but she hadn’t quite struck gold yet,” Jones said.

Peters, a family nurse practitioner, runs a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic. Rather than submitting charges to insurance, patients pay a monthly membership fee that covers most services. The DPC model emphasizes increased access, flexibility and transparency.

Peters understood that starting strong out of the gate depended on establishing the right identity. That’s why she came to IdeaBank.

Branding begins with the right name

“It’s certainly something that shouldn’t be overlooked,” Jones said. “A business name should be succinct but descriptive.”

She began by asking Peters how she wanted her clinic to be perceived. That led to a word map of about 50 words, including “healthy,” “patient-focused,” “modern,” “connected” and “personal.”

“Vibrance” — a word associated with life, vigor and vitality — was chosen to make the clinic’s name stand out, while “family” identified a core audience. The plus sign between “health” and “care” signals the patient-centered approach to Peters’ clinic.

“What we wanted to underscore was the ‘care’ part,” Jones said.

A business’s internet presence is another consideration. There should be an available domain name that closely matches the business name — in this case,

Website example

Developing the visual identity

“Obviously, we wanted to use vibrant colors,” Jones said.

The logo design evokes a number of relevant images. The negative space forms a heart, a symbol of care and nurturing. The petals make the viewer think of flowering, growth and health while they also form a stylized “V.”

IdeaBank also built a website that interfaces with Vibrance’s patient portal and includes an appointment-booking feature. The website also explains the DPC model, the clinic’s services, membership plans and pricing.

Print materials include a rack card that offers an at-a-glance overview of Vibrance. The card can be included in mailings and distributed to hospitals, health clubs and other locations.

Vibrance Pocket Folder example

“Branding is definitely more than a logo, and it’s more than a name,” Jones said. A strong brand communicates an organization’s core mission and values.

“It’s everything that makes up a company,” she said, “the way people feel about a company.”

By helping Peters establish the right identity for her clinic, IdeaBank has set her up for future success.

“She’s got a really strong brand that she can use for decades,” Jones said.

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