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Marketing Amid COVID-19: Your Questions Answered

Answers to questions like, "Should I continue to promote my business at this time? If so, how?"...


5 Ways to Stay Connected amid Coronavirus

Strategies for keeping in touch with your audiences and keeping your marketing moving....


Case studies put storytelling to work to generate conversions

Your brand is a promise you make to customers about how they should expect to be treated, and a case study shows how you keep that promise....


Will your product launch be a firework or a fizzle?

Before you launch a new product or service, think long and hard about how you intend to market it. IdeaBank provides tips on how to launch a firework without a fizzle....


Five Tips for Getting Your Press Release Published

Dealing with the media needn’t be intimidating, and doing it right can greatly increase the odds of your press release being published....


‘Making a video’ is not a marketing plan

Avoid the pitfalls of making a video that misses your audience – and your marketing objectives. A well-crafted video can increase awareness, build trust and leave a positive impression on your audience....


Forgot about direct mail? Your customers haven’t!

Direct mail marketing isn’t dead — far from it. In fact, as the ways in which we communicate have shifted, direct mail has pivoted from a traditional marketing tactic to something hip and edgy. Like vinyl records, mail is cool again....


Accessibility benefits web users … and you, too!

Accessibility is just as important on your website as it is around your office or business. In fact, for healthcare, education and government websites, accessibility may be required....


Using Online Contests to Promote Your Business

When you sponsor an online contest, the biggest winner could be your business! While someone else wins a great prize, you could win more social media followers, increased interest and activity on your website and even increased sales. Following a few best practices...


Campaign for a Cause

Better your community — and your bottom line — with cause marketing.

The value of doing good is measured in more than dollars and cents — especially where your business is concerned! A cause marketing campaign, such as the Community Driven Keeps Giving campaign we spearheaded for Tom Dinsdale Automotive, can pay off in increased exp...


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