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Ideas In Motion

5 ways to bulk up your digital footprint

Even if you don’t have an online account, those platforms already exist and contain information about your business. By claiming your listing and becoming a moderator, users will be more apt to trust your listing and pursue your services....


Why all the recent privacy policy updates?

The new GDPR affects businesses world-wide whose clients are EU citizens are also required to comply. While this won’t affect most of our clients or local businesses, there are a reasons you should listen up....


Why is metadata relevant to your search listing?

Knowing the history search engines, how indexing, bots, and spiders work, and why page titles, keywords, and descriptions matter are important to making sure your website is included....


Identifying Your Audience Using Facebook

Use Facebook to pull insights about your audience and to build the foundation of your brand messaging....


Anatomy of a Website

Understanding the parts that make a website work

I'm sure you're familiar with navigating through the web to find what you need, but if you’re like most people you probably haven’t given a thought to websites beyond that. The truth is, there’s a lot more to a website than the pages you interact with. You might b...


Fight Brand Boredom!

Why you shouldn't give your brand an extreme makeover (and what you should do instead)

Many times, I get comments like, “We need a new look,” or “I see the same photos and lookalike layouts until I’m sick of them.” Being bored with your “look”......


How Becoming a Father Made Me a Better Marketer

Five parallels between effective parenting and marketing.

In-between fishing remotes from the toilet and explaining the cat is not a toy, Anthony May shares the parallels he's discovered between parenting and marketing....


Mobility is Key

Google® gives preference to mobile-friendly sites

With mobile search growing at 10 times the rate of desktop, businesses that don’t have a mobile ready site stand to lose up to one-third of their traffic. If you want your site to appear high in search......


Reach Your Social Potential

3 ways to more effectively reach your social media audience

Social media marketing is a rapidly changing game. If you pay attention to the performance......


Use Gifting as an Extension of Your Brand

Make an impact during the holidays.

Did your company give gifts to their clients for the holidays? I’m sure many of you did. But some probably opted for the thoughtless gift card. Sorry to sound harsh, but I think gift cards are the lazy man’s gift. They express a complete lack of interest in the rec...


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