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Ideas In Motion

Announcing GearsCMS Version 2!

Easier, Better, Faster, Stronger IdeaBank is proud to announce the release of our second generation of GearsCMS. Built on MODX's new 2.3 Content Management Framework, the new GearsCMS Content Management System brings improved performance, focused design, and a wea...


2014 SSL Security & Changes

The year 2014 has kept us on our toes. It kicked off with the Heartbleed Bug, which we thought was the largest site security bug in history. Since then, we have seen numerous other issues arrise in the web technologies we have been using for decades. IdeaBank ensu...


Tempted to Template?

What you are paying for with a templated site.

IdeaBank has been developing websites for nearly 20 years. In that time we have seen a sea change of how websites are built and handled. Also in that time, we have maintained a policy to not use prebuilt website templates....


Tell ‘em all about it

Getting the most out of tech support

Today nearly everyone has some interaction with technology. With technology come occasional problems. Where there are problems, there is tech support. Tech support folks are typically quite helpful, but there are a few things you can do to enable them to assist yo...


Is your site Mobile-Friendly?

If not, you’re missing opportunities!

According to Psychology Today, 40% of the population is affected by nomophobia (fear of being without your smartphone), Contact with friends, and easy access to information, entertainment and shopping are more than conveniences; they’re expectations! Though I’m no...


Put Your Website Into Context

Making your website contextually relevant in search.

With the rise of electronic personal assistants, it is becoming increasingly important to coordinate and manage your online presence. Google Now and Siri are voice activated contextual search engines that determine relevance down to the most appropriate answer....


Video: Seeing Is Believing

Using video demos for quick and easy explanations.

Seeing a thing in action can make all the difference. I have a toy horse. It is a small figure that looks solid, but its limbs are actually held together by strings. I can make the horse dance around. It kneels, sways from side to side, rares back its head, or ta...


Boosting your Business with Facebook

Find out if Facebook is a good match

Let’s face it; Facebook is in your face. It seems everyone has a personal page, with a significant number of businesses following suit. If you’ve yet to set up a page for your business, or if you’re pondering its effectiveness, it’s a good idea to consider whether ...


Beyond Brochureware

Putting your website to work

Though brochureware sites of yesteryear are sometimes used as stepping-stones to a robust interactive website, they are rarely the main goal for a business these days. Why build a static site when you can serve a greater purpose, AND when customers expect so much m...


Help, My Website is Down!

Whether your website is new or well established, it is a scary experience to discover it is no longer available. You've put time and effort into creating content to drive potential clients to your services, but now they can't even see your site. Rest assured, all i...


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