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What are Google AdWords?

Increase your sales with Google Adwords

Google AdWords are simple text ads that appear on search pages each time a user types a phrase into the search engine, triggering relevant results and related ads. Google AdWords work best when you coordinate three important parts: keywords, text ads and landing p...


Custom greetings make lasting impressions!

'Tis the season for embracing tradition.

I love sending Christmas cards because it allows me to reach out to friends and family, update them about important events that happened throughout the year, and let them know how important they are to me. But how meaningful is this tradition to a business? Season...


Does your website generate leads?

How to create a lead-generation hero

Wouldn't it be great if you could sell to 100% of the people who visit your website? Obviously, that's a lofty goal but do you know how many visitors you are converting into customers? Sure, it's important to drive people to your website but once they're there, do ...


Direct Mail: Tried and True

Creating leads & converting sales through standard marketing

Even though the U.S. Post Office has struggled lately, direct mailings via ’snail mail’ can still be an effective way to promote your business. With the rise of online marketing, social media and email blasts, the general belief was that the Internet would kill di...


CMS Tip: Organizing Content

Tips for Organizing Your Site’s Content

Your site may have a lot of great information, but are people able to easily find it? This CMS Tip will give you some ideas on how to organize the structure of your site, the structure of your content, and increase browseability of your site.  Below I will outline...


Billboard Advertising Tips

Billboards can yield big results with the right message and focus.

People love seeing their name in print, especially when it's 20 feet tall! Billboards are the big-boys of advertising. There are over 400,000 billboards in the United States that generate over $6 billion dollars in advertising revenue annually. But billboards aren...


Buying Cable TV Spots: The Pros and Cons

Target Your Audience with these Tips

Deciding which channel and what time of the day to place your TV ads can be quite a chess game. What is the best move? Do you pay hundreds of dollars for one, 30-second spot during a primetime show or do you pay a few bucks per spot and schedule it multiple times a...


Double-space vs. Single-space

The rules for typing in the modern, post-typewriter era

Back when there were typewriters (ah, I remember them well) there were monospace fonts. This meant that all letters took up the same space. So the "i" was the same width as an "m" and the page was full of irregular white space. Rules had to be established to make i...


SEO Copywriting

Writing effective content for your website

It should come as no surprise that people approach websites differently than when sitting down to read a novel. People expect to skim web content and avoid reading lengthy paragraphs. This is great to keep in mind when writing content for your website, but even mor...


Value Your Business

Success begins with believing in what you do!

Why are you in business? Seriously, I’d like to know. Is it your passion? Is it your identity? Is it a place to kill time? Do you love what you do? If not, why are you still doing it? Life is short, my friend! Get off your duff and make some changes! OK, my rant ...


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