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Ideas In Motion

Making your image stick

Successful Branding Tips

You know what advertising is. And you have a good idea of what goes into marketing. But what is "branding"? Despite what you may think, branding does NOT entail wrestling our clients to the floor and marking them with a red-hot iron. It DOES mean burning an image...


The Domain Name Game

How to Choose a Domain Name

Come on everybody!I say now let's play a gameI betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody's name… Yes, you too can play the name game when it comes to choosing a catchy domain for your organization. But it’s not all fun and games, because in the end, you want to be ...


Website Cornerstones

Technical Primer for building a website

If you hang around the Web Department at Idea Bank, you'll have plenty of opportunities to listen to geek-speak. If you're like most, you may need a translation. This article should clear up some of the details when beginning talks about your website. So here it is...



The Secret to YOUR marketing Success!

Outsourcing. Just the word has developed a negative connotation and thoughts of calling your credit card company to have a discussion about the new interest rate with someone in India who doesn't know a thing about interest rates! But does outsourcing always have t...


CMS Tip: A Visual Web Guide.

Tips for adding images to your site’s content.

In the first of my CMS tips, I am going to take on an aspect of web, which many people overlook when updating their CMS site… enhancing content with images. Images can be used to trigger an emotion, emphasize an idea, support content or just enhance readability of...


An Email by Any Other Name

Email Options for Your Organization

Options for email can be endless, which is why the team at IdeaBank Marketing asks lots of technical questions before recommending the best website and email solution for your organization. Here are some of the options for email. ISP: If you already have email ...


Cultural Diversity

Creating new marketing opportunities... and challenges.

With "offshore" commerce and non-English speaking Americans becoming increasingly important markets for goods and services, Idea Bank is helping a number of our clients reach out to a culturally diverse audience. Spanish translations of existing advertising and mar...


Communicating brilliantly

You've Got Marketing - Email Marketing

Like all forms of marketing communication, email isn't for everyone. But, most companies will find that email marketing is effective and cost efficient - both Business-to-Business (B-to-B) and Business-to-Consumer (B-to-C). Perhaps the best aspect of email marketi...


'Tis the Season

Create a compelling custom Christmas card

It's that same old seasonal phenomenon: in late November, mailboxes across the country start getting stuffed with red and green envelopes. It can only mean one thing: the Christmas card season is upon us! In that sea of winter forests, snowy Santa's and the ubiquit...


Keep your edge in tough times

With Marketing that Hits its Target

It's interesting that one of the first budget casualties in an economic downturn is often a company's advertising and marketing efforts. While reducing expenses is certainly appropriate in a down cycle, it's also important to keep in mind that the nature of a cycl...


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