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Attract attention to direct mail

The advantages of variable data

Thoughtful use of variable data is an outstanding way to attract attention to your direct mail and keep your message in recipients' hands longer. Variable data is an effective way to personalize your mailing using data merged from your database. Names and addresses...


Extreme Makeover

Does your logo need a facelift?

Your logo is your company's "face." It's the way people recognize you, and how they form their first impression. So, is it any surprise that as a logo "ages," it can sometimes benefit from a facelift? Even the largest corporations with legendary images turn to log...


Hornady: 'Building' a Book

How we used web technology to wrangle thousands of pages of data.

The Project The client, Hornady Ammunition Manufacturing, hired us to create the 9th edition of their reloading manual. The Challenge The manual contains nearly a thousand pages. It has almost 250 sections. Each section contains, on average, three to four sub-se...


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