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Getting the most out of tech support

Today nearly everyone has some interaction with technology. With technology come occasional problems. Where there are problems, there is tech support. Tech support folks are typically quite helpful, but there are a few things you can do to enable them to assist yo...


Video: Seeing Is Believing

Using video demos for quick and easy explanations.

Seeing a thing in action can make all the difference. I have a toy horse. It is a small figure that looks solid, but its limbs are actually held together by strings. I can make the horse dance around. It kneels, sways from side to side, rares back its head, or ta...


Boosting your Business with Facebook

Find out if Facebook is a good match

Let’s face it; Facebook is in your face. It seems everyone has a personal page, with a significant number of businesses following suit. If you’ve yet to set up a page for your business, or if you’re pondering its effectiveness, it’s a good idea to consider whether ...


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