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Tips & Tricks

Marketing Plans: The Basics

Successful marketing strategies begin with careful planning.

If you are contemplating starting your own small business, creating a marketing plan is essential. A marketing plan is not an inflexible document. The plan can change as your business evolves. Once you write your marketing plan, revisit it occasionally. This allows...


Buying Airtime: Two Things to Know

Reach, frequency the two keys to a success media buy

Whether you are selling hamburgers or antique furniture, when planning your advertising, remember two key factors: reach and frequency. What is reach? Reach is the total number of people exposed to an advertising message at least once in a specific amount of time...


It’s Midnight, Is Anyone Listening?

Making sure your radio placement includes quality airtime.

The sales representative for the local radio station calls and offers you a special package for half price airtime. Should you jump at the chance? Maybe. But first check one important thing, the daypart.  The daypart is the time the spot is scheduled to run during...


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