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Put Your Website Into Context

Making your website contextually relevant in search.

With the rise of electronic personal assistants, it is becoming increasingly important to coordinate and manage your online presence. Google Now and Siri are voice activated contextual search engines that determine relevance down to the most appropriate answer....


Beyond Brochureware

Putting your website to work

Though brochureware sites of yesteryear are sometimes used as stepping-stones to a robust interactive website, they are rarely the main goal for a business these days. Why build a static site when you can serve a greater purpose, AND when customers expect so much m...


Help, My Website is Down!

Whether your website is new or well established, it is a scary experience to discover it is no longer available. You've put time and effort into creating content to drive potential clients to your services, but now they can't even see your site. Rest assured, all i...


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