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What do you know about Google AdWords Express?

How to reach your local market

Google offers a variety of marketing options for businesses throughout its search engine networks. The main ones are Google+ Local page (an online one-page business summary of your business that includes business name, hours of operation, short description and phot...


Website Security

How to safeguard your site

Online customers have high expectations about the websites they visit. Simply having a site is not enough. Yours must be functional and secure around the clock to be an effective tool for your business, and a positive way to connect with current and prospective cus...


How Search Ads Find Customers

Making Google Adwords Work for Your Business

Anyone that has used Google to search for a new pair of running shoes, concert tickets or new motorcycle tires has seen Google AdWords. These are the simple, text ads that appear on the right side or top of the search page. AdWords is Google's online advertising pr...


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