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Is your site Mobile-Friendly?

If not, you’re missing opportunities!

According to Psychology Today, 40% of the population is affected by nomophobia (fear of being without your smartphone), Contact with friends, and easy access to information, entertainment and shopping are more than conveniences; they’re expectations!

Though I’m not nomophobic, I use my smartphone to read, stay organized, do research, and shop. I find sites that are not mobile-friendly to be annoying. I am not alone…


Benefits of a mobile-friendly site

If your site isn’t currently mobile-friendly, can you afford to postpone it any longer? Statistics urge you to make the switch now or you could miss out on the benefits.

  • More Opportunities: Users are less likely to abandon a site if it is optimized for mobile use.
  • Higher Opinions: A company is perceived to be more caring if they have optimized their site for mobile use.
  • Good SEO: Google adjusts their search rankings on smartphones, giving preference to sites that are mobile-friendly.
  • More Conversions: Conversion rates are higher for sites that are mobile-responsive.

Making a mobile-friendly site

All sites can be viewed on a mobile device - but a tiny, zoomed-out version of your regular site does not count. To be truly mobile-friendly requires responsive design, and involves:

  • Making it fit: Adjusting the width of the page to automatically fit the device.
  • Changing the layout: Reflowing columns, stacking content, and ensuring text stays readable whether it’s vertical or horizontal.
  • Adjusting for touch-screen: Reworking navigation and designing buttons to be finger-friendly.
  • Simplifying: Adding code to hide images that may not convert to mobile.

What does the future hold?

Not switching to a mobile-friendly design could cause your overall marketing campaign to appear outdated. Don’t miss opportunities with a site that doesn’t meet your clients’ changing expectations. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of responsive, mobile-friendly design, contact IdeaBank Marketing today at (402) 463-0588.

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