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Your business's success depends on a well-crafted marketing plan. Our strategists will help you set an objective and choose your tools, developing a plan that is custom-built for your business. And you don't lose control after launch. Our evaluation process allows mid-plan adjustments to be made with ease, delivering results with pinpoint accuracy.

Marketing changes with lightning-fast speed. Staying on top requires super-human strength.

IdeaBank Marketing can design a marketing plan that puts the muscle into your advertising budget, with website, e-blasts, TV, radio, print ads, brochures, press releases, billboards, and components you may have never considered.

The Classics.

Branding, campaigns, and media buying make up the red cape of your advertising ensemble.

The Specialties.

Marketing research, public relations, and special events boost visibility, and put you in the public eye.

The Tools to Fly.

Cutting-edge technologies like SEM & SEO keep you flying on Google searches. I-Connect email marketing can make you soar.

Marketing Plans

Step into the spotlight.

Take the starring role in an ad campaign.

An ad campaign can draw attention to an aspect of your business you’d like to highlight, like a new location, a specific product or service, or a reminder to schedule an appointment.

IdeaBank Marketing has the chops to launch your message with style. We also have the smarts to place them when and where they’ll be most effective.


Always Integrated.

Our ad campaigns will sync perfectly with your overall marketing plan, serving as a vital piece of the big picture.

Focus, Focus, Focus.

Your ads will never ramble from topic-to-topic, but will zero in on exactly what you want to showcase.

Perfect Placement.

Our media specialists can find the perfect venues that will get your campaign in front of the people you’re trying to reach.

Email Marketing

Special Delivery.

Email marketing is an easy, affordable way to build relationships with your customers.

There are few communications more powerful than delivering a message straight to a customer's inbox. That's why email marketing has become an indispensable marketing tool.

Whether you're looking to boost sales or grow your relationships with customers, IdeaBank's email marketing services will make sure your message is handled with care.

Drive web traffic.

Our eye-catching designs, combined with consistent, clear messaging will drive recipients to your website.

Save on postage.

Your email campaign can cost less than $0.01 per address, saving you a chunk of change compared to traditional mail.

Manage your list.

Make the most of simplified list management with built-in tools – upload, export, and search your lists with ease.

Be visible 24/7.

Online marketing never clocks out.

Being there for customers whenever they're searching is important in today’s super-competitive environment.

We'll turn the glowing screen of your customer’s laptop, tablet, and smart phone into your profit-making machine - one that keeps working, even when you're not.

Always Open

Create conversations.

Our social marketing plans build customer loyalty through Facebook, Twitter, or wherever your customers are being social.

Target your audience.

Email marketing can increase your sales by connecting you with your customers, exactly when they need you.

Write for relevance.

We’re masters at writing content that is not only relevant to your business, but will boost your search ranking and traffic.

News travels fast.

We make sure it’s the right message.

Public relations is the delicate dance of what you'd like to say, how you want to say it, who you want to reach, and whether it will be received in a way that benefits both them and you.

IdeaBank Marketing can help you exude value and confidence, by creating a positive image that speaks volumes for the ways your business can enhance the lives of your customers.


Attract them.

We can research your target demographics, finding out what makes them tick. Then we’ll craft a plan to get you noticed, and keep you in the spotlight.

Engage them.

From press releases that keep you in the public eye, to social media and web pages that build your reputation, we can craft the message you want to promote.

Make a splash.

We know what it takes to create excitement, with public relations campaigns that “WOW!” From events to e-blasts, we’ll make your business shine.

Get the best bang for your buck,
drive sales, and build brand awareness.

IdeaBank can design a strategy to place your ads when and where they’ll be most effective. This includes identifying and researching demographics, setting objectives, defining a budget, and tracking results.

Don’t go it alone!

A coordinated mix of media including TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail, and online ads will boost your visibility. But it takes time and knowledge to do it up right.

Know thy customer.

Knowing your customers is essential in creating a targeted ad campaign that will reach them with the right media.

So, what happened?

Analyzing the effectiveness of your media buy is critical. Learning from each campaign strengthens the message over the long haul.

TV Set

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