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Online marketing can be extremely targetable, measurable, flexible, and affordable. The catch is that it takes time and expertise to make it reach its full potential. IdeaBank can help!

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Move your marketing goals forward with our InMotion online marketing program!

IdeaBank can create a custom online marketing program for your organization that aligns with your budget and moves you closer to reaching your marketing goals.

InMotion is All About Building a Supportive Customer Base

Our first step will be to learn about your marketing goals and review your present website and other online marketing tools. Then we'll create a custom online marketing strategy that may incorporate some or all of the following:

  • Continuous design and content optimization for improved search results (SEO), higher traffic and better retention.
  • Social media that is targeted, engaging, and prompts people to take the actions you desire.
  • Email marketing that reinforces your brand, drives traffic to your website, and helps to solidify loyal customer relationships.

InMotion is Affordable & Easy to Put Into Action

The plan and budget for your InMotion online marketing program will be based on what you hope to achieve, who you want to reach, and how much you want to invest. The InMotion program is also flexible. Once your monthly budget is determined, we will monitor the results and adjust the program to fit your changing market conditions.

Web Design & Development

Initiate more relationships with a traffic-building website.

Smart marketers invest time and resources in SEO (search engine optimization) to make their website rank near the top. Here's how IdeaBank can make your website easier for prospects to find in a search:

  • Photo of content

    Content is King

    We'll help you determine the search words or phrases your customers use to find your product or service, and then incorporate them into your website's copy to catch Google's attention.

  • Photo of Results

    Organize Your Website for Better Results

    A properly designed and labeled navigation will help your products, services, and contact information come up higher in a search. It also makes your site easier for visitors to use!

  • Photo of Strategies

    Create Linking Strategies

    Besides listing your website on pertinent local and industry directories, we'll also link your website to your company's social posts and social media profile.

  • Photo of Adwords

    Create Google Ad Campaigns for Key Products

    IdeaBank’s Google certified staff can further boost the results of this flexible pay-per-click program by creating dedicated web pages for your advertised products. The web pages would link back to your website for additional search strength.

Social Media

Strengthen customer relationships with social media.

Maintaining an active and meaningful social presence is no easy task. It involves developing a social media marketing plan, posting relevant content and keeping up with the latest changes—while making it all look casual, not corporate. Many organizations simply don't have the time to make this happen.

IdeaBank is Experienced & Savvy in Social Media Marketing

IdeaBank can help determine what social media platforms your business should use, when to schedule posts for optimal impact, and more. We also are experienced in creating targeted paid campaigns to expand your prospect base. Our creative team can create a customized social presence for your business, and create video clips and images to increase the visibility of your posts.

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