Custom greetings make lasting impressions!

'Tis the season for embracing tradition.

I love sending Christmas cards because it allows me to reach out to friends and family, update them about important events that happened throughout the year, and let them know how important they are to me. But how meaningful is this tradition to a business?

Seasonal greetings connect with your audience

Seasonal greetings allow you to reach your audience in a variety of ways, by…

  • Expressing Gratitude: Letting people know they are valued furthers your relationship.
  • Increasing Visibility: Get your name out and help establish your brand.
  • Keeping in Touch: Catch up with a client you haven't heard from in awhile, or make contact with prospects.
  • Strengthening Sales: Tell people about what you do in a creative way. Include a soft pitch with fun and flair, or simply send warm wishes.

Customize your own message for the biggest impact

Custom greetings give you the opportunity to be creative and make things personal. They can be simple, heartfelt, funny and memorable, or clever by adding information about what you do.

There are plenty of ways to personalize your cards, including variable data, customized pop ups, or by sending a matching gift. Technology also makes it possible to mass email your greeting, or to provide it as an online video.

IdeaBank is ready to help

The creative process for a customized greeting should begin in September or early October. The time and effort you devote to the project will pay off when customers come calling, or if you hear remarks about your greeting months or even years later.

IdeaBank Marketing has produced a variety of cards - some of which have won awards for their clever angle and professional execution. Check out our IdeaBank Christmas Card slideshow, and the Award-winning Fosty's Gone Hunting greeting. And contact IdeaBank if you’re interested in making a lasting impression this year!

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