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    Bauer & Howard Rebranding

    Bauer & Howard Dental Care | Hastings, NE

    Keeping up with technology and educating clients is of utmost importance to the group at Bauer & Howard Dentistry. To help them update their marketing materials to match this goal, they enlisted the help of IdeaBank Marketing.

      Old Logo

    Old Logo

      New Logo

    New Logo

    Logo Development

    IdeaBank began with an in-depth look at their company and then developed a new logo that retained the old "smile-with-style" slogan (shown right), but with a streamlined look that portrays a friendly, professional organization on the leading edge of technology.

    Collateral Materials

    Other marketing materials, such as appointment cards, notecards, newspaper advertisements, and various other items soon followed. Solidifying Bauer & Howards new identity in print made transitioning the look-and-feel to their new website easy.

    Website Development

    Their new website is reorganized to provide more information throughout, with a homepage that gives visitors easy access to the large variety of services they provide, and portrays the warm friendly atmosphere that people of every age will find at their offices.

    What did we do?
    • Corporate ID
    • Logo Redesign
    • Stationery 
    • Web Design
    • Web Development