Public Relations

News travels fast.

We make sure it’s the right message.

Public relations is the delicate dance of what you'd like to say, how you want to say it, who you want to reach, and whether it will be received in a way that benefits both them and you.

IdeaBank Marketing can help you exude value and confidence, by creating a positive image that speaks volumes for the ways your business can enhance the lives of your customers.


Attract them.

We can research your target demographics, finding out what makes them tick. Then we’ll craft a plan to get you noticed, and keep you in the spotlight.

Engage them.

From press releases that keep you in the public eye, to social media and web pages that build your reputation, we can craft the message you want to promote.

Make a splash.

We know what it takes to create excitement, with public relations campaigns that “WOW!” From events to e-blasts, we’ll make your business shine.