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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Special Delivery.

Email marketing is an easy, affordable way to build relationships with your customers.

There are few communications more powerful than delivering a message straight to a customer's inbox. That's why email marketing has become an indispensable marketing tool.

Whether you're looking to boost sales or grow your relationships with customers, IdeaBank's email marketing services will make sure your message is handled with care.

Drive web traffic.

Our eye-catching designs, combined with consistent, clear messaging will drive recipients to your website.

Save on postage.

Your email campaign can cost less than $0.01 per address, saving you a chunk of change compared to traditional mail.

Manage your list.

Make the most of simplified list management with built-in tools – upload, export, and search your lists with ease.

Stamp of Approval.

Your budget will approve of the cost-saving gained by using mass email as opposed to traditional advertising.

Newspaper Advertising

Placement of one black-and-white ad can...

  • Cost $250
  • Be viewed by unknown numbers of people
  • Is difficult to track responses

Email Marketing

Sending one email campaign can...

  • Cost $80*
  • Be viewed by 10,000* people
  • Allows you to track responses + learn how to improve future campaigns

*Price can range from Zero to .029¢/email depending on your plan, and number of emails sent/campaign.

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