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Mobile Site Development

150 times per day.

That’s how often the average smartphone user checks their phone. Is your website mobile-ready?

More and more people are using mobile phones over computers to go online. Making sure your website is mobile-optimized has become a necessity for connecting with customers online.

IdeaBank creates full-featured responsive websites that give your visitors easy access to your site, with a design created to accommodate a variety of screen sizes.

Smart Phone

A single site with
multiple layouts.

We use responsive design to make sure your site displays correctly on any device; making your desktop and mobile sites essentially one and the same.

Finger friendly design patterns.

Our mobile sites are built for touch screens; buttons are large, navigation is clear, and everything is easy to tap. Trust us, your fingers will be very happy.

Simple content management.

You won't have to manage a separate mobile website. Update a page on your main site and watch the change appear on all devices. It's that simple.

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