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Your brand is a finely-tuned idea, one that reflects who you are, what you do, and how customers perceive you. We build brands that hit the mark – with logos, identity systems, and crystal-clear messaging that consistently rise to the top.

Discover your brand.

Brand development is a challenging journey. Make sure you’re following the right path.

Your brand is defined daily in the way you do business and interact with customers. We can help you create a positive, enduring brand; one that will define your business, separate you from the pack, and attract loyal customers.

From positioning statements to logo design, our team has a refined brand development process that will guide you on your journey.

Website Construction


From audits and interviews, to audience analysis and competitor profiles, discovery leads to great ideas.


We'll craft a position statement that clearly describes your business, your brand, and your promise to customers.


The last step is bringing your brand to life with a logo, identity system, and copy that supports your message.

Dress to impress.

Your logo is important. It’s the key piece of any identity package, so it should define who you are, what you do, and make you memorable to your customers.

That’s why logo projects really get our gears turning. We love fine-tuning color palettes, shapes, composition and style, to develop a logo that truly reflects your business.

Ready for anything.

Your logo must also be flexible, so we provide variations for any situation; from full-color to black-and-white, for use on items as small as pens, to large-scale banners and billboards.

The highest standards.

Consistency is key for brand management, so we write detailed graphics standards that will provide a template that ensures your logo is used properly and your brand is never compromised.

Logo Design

Leave your mark.

A strong, consistent identity package will make your brand instantly recognizable.

Branding doesn’t end with a positioning statement and logo. We'll establish a color palette, choose typefaces, and implement a graphic standards program to ensure your branding is both consistent and memorable.

Our designers and copywriters make sure all of your communications fit your brand and strengthen your message.



Things you need to do business – letterhead, business cards and brochures – are custom-designed to reflect your brand.


We craft designs that grab attention, developing brand-building visuals and copy that focus on achieving your goals.


Having a custom-designed website developed by our team means your site will enhance your brand and deliver results.

Serve and Protect.

Consistency is crucial to the ongoing strength of your brand.

The consistency police at IdeaBank are sticklers for making sure your brand is always on the right side of the law. Whether we’re building ad templates, writing rock-solid graphics standards or crafting copy, your brand and messaging are always safe and sound.

Social Media

Social Media: The newest place to be sure your brand is protected.

The growth of social media means customers are interacting with your brand in entirely new ways. Our social media plans will prepare your business for these new connections, including customized strategies for getting the most out of each social site, while staying true to your brand.

Brand Management

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