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Web + Mobile

IdeaBank is Central Nebraska's leader in websites, social media, and mobile development, and we're here to help! Our web + mobile services make developing and managing your online marketing programs easier than ever. From website development to social media and SEO to ad placement, we've got you covered.

Building a website can be a puzzling challenge. Our planning process puts all the pieces in place.

Through years of website planning experience, we've established a planning process that makes it easy for us to build sites that are goal oriented and well organized.

Find the edges.

First we set up the frame, learning your vision and goals, and crafting an outline and content strategy to meet your objectives.

Fill the gaps.

Once we've established your goals, we'll gather the rest of the pieces, like copy and photos, hosting, domains, custom code and more.

See the whole picture.

Completing the site plan makes development a breeze, resulting in a site that's well organized, easy to navigate, and ultimately effective.

Site Planning

Unleash the Geeks.

Put your hard hat on, stand back and watch our web team do what they do best - build your site.

Our construction crew builds effective sites the perform like champs. We make sure every element is geared toward your objective, making your site a lean, mean, goal-meeting machine.

From light landing pages to heavy duty, database driven solutions, we build sites that meets goals, are simple to maintain and just plain work.

Website Construction

Custom design, 
every time.

There are no templates here. Our sites combine striking design and engaging layouts to make a big impact with your visitors.

We have all the bells and whistles.

With elements like photo galleries, contact forms and landing pages, our toolbox is flush with the features you’re looking for.

Simple content management.

Our straightforward GearsCMS allows you to edit text, change photos and add pages right in your browser. It’s almost too easy.

150 times per day.

That’s how often the average smartphone user checks their phone. Is your website mobile-ready?

More and more people are using mobile phones over computers to go online. Making sure your website is mobile-optimized has become a necessity for connecting with customers online.

IdeaBank creates full-featured responsive websites that give your visitors easy access to your site, with a design created to accommodate a variety of screen sizes.

Smart Phone

A single site with
multiple layouts.

We use responsive design to make sure your site displays correctly on any device; making your desktop and mobile sites essentially one and the same.

Finger friendly design patterns.

Our mobile sites are built for touch screens; buttons are large, navigation is clear, and everything is easy to tap. Trust us, your fingers will be very happy.

Simple content management.

You won't have to manage a separate mobile website. Update a page on your main site and watch the change appear on all devices. It's that simple.

The social web is full of with new opportunities to connect with customers. It's time for you to join the conversation.

Engaging current and potential customers through social media can play a key role in your online marketing and customer relations strategies.

There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for social media success. We create plans designed specifically for your business.

Social Media

IdeaBank provides the training and customization you need to make a splash on Facebook, Twitter and more.

We’ll provide you and your staff with hands-on training on the techniques that get the most out of each social site. Plus our custom-designed profile images and apps will help your brand rise above your competition.

Social Media Marketing

Lost in a sea of search results?

IdeaBank can help to improve your ranking and guide your business to search supremacy.

We build strong SEO & SEM plans that navigate you toward the top of search rankings. We’ll chart a course that will lead you to a higher ranking, improved visibility, and increased visits to your site. You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase awareness and visibility.

We know how to protect and boost your brand. Our SEO & SEM programs showcase your business and increase brand visibility.

Convert leads
into customers.

We’ll help you snag visitors that are already searching for businesses like yours, which brings them closer to becoming your next customer.

Fill the gaps with paid search ads.

Paid ads can pick up the slack while optimization kicks in. Watch your listing appear next to search results for selected keywords.

Building your website will put you on track.
But it takes training and support to finish the race well ahead of the pack.

A well-maintained website can test your strength and endurance. Our "website coaches" will teach you how to keep your website in premium shape, during on-site training sessions.

And you won't have to go-it-alone; we'll leave you with solid support materials and a phone number in case you need a pep talk.

Website Training

We provide ongoing personal support should stumbling blocks ever arise.

The best person to talk to about your website is the one who built it. We can troubleshoot problems on the phone or in person. No support requests. No automated phone run around. Just good old fashioned, one-on-one help. 

Website Support

Gears Logo

Our websites are created and managed with GearsCMS. Custom-built by our expert developers, and powered by MODX CMF, GearsCMS is a finely-tuned tool to make managing your website a snap.

We put the power to make site updates right at your fingertips. Edit text, change photos and add pages right in your browser. It’s almost too easy.

Screen Shot

Easy to Use.

An intuitive manager makes maintaining your site simple. Plus, special features such as calendars and blogs are integrated right into the manager..

Built for Growth.

The best websites never stop growing. GearsCMS is actively developed and designed to expand, which makes adding new features a breeze.

Safe and Secure.

We’re sticklers for security. Our team makes sure your site stays safe, through daily backups, security audits, and intrusion protection.

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