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Caleb Groves

Production Assistant

While Disney has influenced Caleb’s artistic style, he’s happy to become part of your world — if it keeps your project moving forward.

The story of Caleb Groves is a tale as old as time: Small-town guy with big-city dreams finds a whole new world somewhere in the middle. As production assistant at IdeaBank, Caleb assists with project management and graphic design. He assigns project tasks to appropriate people but also handles some design duties himself.

Caleb’s circle of life began in Blue Hill, where he grew up pursuing dual interests in music and art. His drawings initially had a comic book influence until he received a copy of “Beauty and the Beast” on BluRay, when his art took on a definite Disney vibe.

Caleb received his Bachelor of Arts in studio art from Hastings College. Just around the river bend were five years designing advertisements for the York News-Times and Grand Island Independent, as well as production work for Thermo King in Hastings.

One movie that tells a lot about Caleb is “The Little Mermaid” because, like Ariel, he dreams big. One such dream is to live in California and work for Disney, and while he hasn’t quite let it go, he’ll content himself for now by playing video games and working on illustrations. If you need to talk to him about your project at IdeaBank, be our guest.


Restorative | Harmony | Adaptability | Futuristic | Empathy

With his Restorative strength, Caleb loves solving clients’ unique problems of communication through effective design. He uses his strength in Harmony to work with IdeaBank’s creative team on defining  goals through visual communication. His Adaptability and experience as a designer has honed his skills to be able to adjust his designs by clients’ requests at any given notice. Calling on his Futuristic strength, his work is driven by envisioning the final design that will leave both him and the client proud, in line with his Empathy.

  • Scheduling and management
  • Assigning production tasks
  • Web and print design
  • Social media
  • Administrative support