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Double-space vs. Single-space

The rules for typing in the modern, post-typewriter era

Back when there were typewriters (ah, I remember them well) there were monospace fonts. This meant that all letters took up the same space. So the "i" was the same width as an "m" and the page was full of irregular white space. Rules had to be established to make i...


The Trade Show Advantage

Getting the best bang for your buck

Are trade shows worth it? In a word, YES! No other marketing venue delivers what a well-run trade show can: a constant stream of potential buyers who are not only interested in what you have to sell, but also have the power, resources and authority to make buying ...


About this thing called voice.

How to portray yourself when writing for your organization

Your voice is more than the lilting sound that spills from your lips when you speak, or the yowling wail you inflict upon fellow patrons at the karaoke bar. It’s how you portray yourself when writing ad or web copy, or posting to your Facebook page or blog. With mi...


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