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The Domain Name Game

How to Choose a Domain Name

Come on everybody!I say now let's play a gameI betcha I can make a rhyme out of anybody's name… Yes, you too can play the name game when it comes to choosing a catchy domain for your organization. But it’s not all fun and games, because in the end, you want to be ...


Website Cornerstones

Technical Primer for building a website

If you hang around the Web Department at Idea Bank, you'll have plenty of opportunities to listen to geek-speak. If you're like most, you may need a translation. This article should clear up some of the details when beginning talks about your website. So here it is...


CMS Tip: A Visual Web Guide.

Tips for adding images to your site’s content.

In the first of my CMS tips, I am going to take on an aspect of web, which many people overlook when updating their CMS site… enhancing content with images. Images can be used to trigger an emotion, emphasize an idea, support content or just enhance readability of...


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